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With love from Lubadub

Southern Vampire Mysteries fandom is one of the most populer fandoms in fanfiction and I am very proud to be a part of this place. I have met some incredible people in here.
I am a complete fangirl when it comes to SVM. I read like crazy. I met Lubadub through her story Danger Is Dame but got to know her more through her vulgar tweets in twitter.
Lubadub has written 7 stories for Southern Vampire Mysteries and 1 for Night huntress.
She writes amazing smuts, hysterical scene that sometimes makes me fall off my chair. I am not kidding, really she does.
Through her first story Danger, Lubadub introduced us to a new side of Eric. Author and a kindda detective as well. Being a New Yorker herself this story very eloquently told by her. This leads up to another series called Danger In Dixie where we head to Bon Temps with the Danger gang.
Playing with Eric’s profession is her favorite part I think. She made him an author now it’s time to meet the Pilot. Gawd that gets my panties in twist every time! Hot and steamy with some very very dirty lemons. UNF
We interview and torture people to death with our questions. Well you all know that. This time this amazing author of Danger series and my favorite Terminal Attraction, Lubadub agreed to do this interview with Moi.
Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Lub. I promise I’ll make this as painless and enjoyable as possible.
First of all, How did you found SVM fandom?
I became a hardcore member of Team Eric during Season 2 of True Blood. During a search for more pictures, I came across I started reading through the fanfiction archives there. I eventually moved on to I started reading True Blood stories and didn't really enjoy a lot of them. I had started reading the Southern Vampire Mystery books and thought I'd venture over to that listing. I was hooked instantly.
How did you get introduced to the world of fanfiction?
I wrote a little fanfiction in high school. I won't say under what username and what fandom, but I will say it's on I wrote with a group of friends and stopped writing when I stopped hanging out with them. I used to read it obsessively, stopping when I fell out of love with that fandom. I didn't start back up again until last summer, when I discovered SVM.
Do you remember which fanfic for SVM you read first?
Like I said, I read a bunch of crap before I got into the good stuff. The first really good stories I read are Let Love In by Terri Botta and House of Flesh on Fire by FarDareisMai2. They're the stand out pieces. I can't remember which I read first, but I knew they sucked me in.
Was there any particular story in SVM fanfic that got you into writing SVM fandom?
I wouldn't say there's one story in particular that got me into writing. I had the idea for Dame, but was scared to write it. I started to notice a trend in some authors' notes, they would give shout outs to their friends, who were also authors on the site. I saw that there was a group of authors who all seemed to be friends, and thought that if people on the site were that friendly with each other, they weren't going to condemn me for crappy writing. I lucked out, and my first piece was a big hit! I got reviews from my favorite authors and had a total fan girl moment.
Which are your favorite books? Other than SVM
The first series of books that I really fell in love with were the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I watched Interview with a Vampire and fell in love with the genre. After I finished those books in high school, I stopped being as avid a reader as I used to be. When I graduated from college last summer, I had time on my hands and decided it was time I start reading again. That's when I got into SVM.
Someone on twitter sent me the Night Huntress Books, which I quickly became addicted to. I think that Cat and Bones are what Sookie and Eric could be if Sookie got her head out of her ass about their relationship. Cat is the perfect female lead; she's strong, independent, and head over heels in love!! I just started reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series of books, which I am currently devouring!! I love how damaged the Brothers are, and how complete they feel once they find their shellan (wife). All of which are vampire series; I have a soft spot in my heart for bloodsuckers.
Danger is Dame is one of your first multi chap AH story, did you have the whole story sorted out when you started writing?
Dame is my very first piece of writing in the SVM universe. The idea of the grieving author came to me in a dream one night. I left it alone, terrified that I wouldn't be able to put the words together right. It kept coming back, each time adding details, eventually finding Sookie's place in the story.
I didn't have an ending in mind with Dame when it first. When I come up with an idea, the ending is never part of the initial package. I let the story develop organically; taking the direction it wants to go in. I knew that the book would be published, the movie released, and Eric and Sookie would end up together. The rest came together during the writing process.
‘Danger’ has a series, ‘Danger in Dixie’, do you have the ending planned for that?
Oh Dixie. Dixie and I went through a rough patch a few months ago where I hated it. I sat down with A Redhead Thing and my beta, chiisai-kitty and worked out what I didn't like and how I could fix it. I was so hung up on Bon Temps that I lost sight of the story. That's when things moved back to New York and I fell back in love. We got an outline together, which does not officially have an ending. I have an idea of how Dixie will end; the book will be published, the movie released, and Eric and Sookie end up together. *wink*
Are you planning on writing a third multi chapter series in the Danger installment?
As of right now, I think after Dixie wraps up, things will be on pretty solid ground. There will be a HEA (happily ever after) and all loose ends will be wrapped up with a big red bow. Dame was twenty chapters long, and Dixie looks like it will be the same length. For me, forty chapters, plus my Valentine's Day one shot, are enough. I won't rule out future one shots since the author and his muse are so much fun to play with, but I doubt another multi chapter will happen.
What it Means to Forget is a what if story, any reason in particular that inspired you to write it?
There are a ton of What If stories, but when I had the idea for Eric to not get his memories back, I saw that it hadn't been done yet in the way that I wanted to explore. It was a lot of fun to tackle a canon fic, since I hadn't tried that yet. WIMTF was my second SVM story, so I thought a canon fic would be fun to try. I like being challenged in my writing; attempting things I didn't think I could do in the first place.
Dear Pam is basically posted on How is the response in that website?
Other websites do not have the same reviewing culture that has. I get very few reviews there, and on other sites where I post, but nothing like what comes in on I would love to post Dear Pam on but since it's an interactive story, it's against the posting guidelines. I do have questions sitting in a document, waiting to be answered, I just haven't had the snarky motivation to get them done. There will be another installment of this story, I assure you!
Comic Con Connections is a Support Stacie winner, for CatieMak, so how did the idea came up for this story?
I'll explain a little about Support Stacie since I feel a lot of readers might not know about it. Support Stacie is a group that is raising money for a writer with cancer who doesn't have health insurance. The last Support Stacie auction was the first I was a part of. CatieMak bought my talents and gave me the plot. We e-mailed each other back and forth a few times to hammer out the details and then the first chapter of Comic Con Connections came together. She wanted them to meet at Comic Con and not like each other. The rest just flowed! After receiving such a positive review response, I decided to continue it with a few more chapters. I don't think it has many more to go until it's complete.
I had a second fic come out of Support Stacie, a Terminal Attraction outtake called Long Haul, which was bought by SMG528. Just wanted to give that one a little shout out too!
Now Terminal Attraction is something I look forward to reading when you update. It started out to be an one shot, why did you decide to make it multi chaptered?
Oh, Terminal Attraction. TA was where I found my sweet spot as a writer, smutty comedy. Like I said in the author's note in the first chapter, TA started when seastarr08 mentioned that a Pilot/Stewardess fic would be fuckhot when she saw adorable flight attendants on a trip. She didn't have the time to write it herself, so she proposed it to the twitterverse. Everyone loved it, but no one wanted to pick up another story. I was in the shower, and had the idea that Sookie and Eric would get caught in the airport one night and fuck. I had just started Dixie, was trying to wrap up WIMTF and had no intention of starting another story. Well... we see how well that turned out. I had so much fun writing it, and so many people loved it, I couldn't help but write another chapter. The Pilot totally wooed me, with his smooth talking and overt sexuality. He's so much fun to write.
TA was also my first attempt at writing slash; an April Fool's Day prank coordinated by myself, seastarr08 and A Redhead Thing. Now THAT was fun!
Yes It was.
Do you like writing canon or AU more?
I'll admit, I hate writing in canon. That's not to say that I didn't love WIMTF, but having to follow the rules that canon dictates is a pain in the ass. I love the freedom that AU/AH stories allow. I did write a canon piece for the Night Huntress series, Lessons in Lust, but doubt I'll ever venture that way for SVM again.
How do you approach a new plot? Do you plan everything out to begin with, or do you just go with what the characters tell you?
Like I said before, I am a firm believer in letting things come together. If Dixie and I didn't get into that big fight we had, I doubt I would have ever outlined it. Even the outline I have has very little detail, and I've altered things from that outline over the course of writing the chapters. I do what the characters tell me to do.
Chiisai-kitty developed Lubadub's Formula (titled such since I'm a math education major) for Fanfiction. Eric and Sookie are (choose a profession) and fuck. It's worked in the past, and will work on my next fic planned after Dixie. I keep it really general in the beginning so I can let it develop as it wants.
All of your stories are very liked by your readers, did you ever get any harsh comment criticism from your reader?
Oh man, nasty reviews make me cry. I've only had two chapters get bashed by readers. The first was chapter six of Dame, where Sookie and Eric are on their first date at Merlotte's. They get into a fight and Eric gets all angsty again, running away from reality. Reviews hated it! They were very judgmental of Sookie's actions, thinking she overreacted (which she did, but she's our little hardheaded waitress) and not approving of the decision at all. In the next chapter, I wrote in the author's note about my anguish over giving the readers what they want as compared to what I had planned.
As much as getting bad reviews sucked, it was a great learning experience. I learned how amazing this fandom could be. I got a review for chapter seven from Kyss Ericsson (aka LilBooth2 on twitter) telling me to ignore the naysayers and keep true to myself. Her kind words really changed the way I looked at things. She gave me the pep talk, and the kick in the ass, that I needed.
I honestly don't remember what the second offense was, but I'm pretty sure it happened in WIMTF. By this time, twitter had become really popular with the writers, and I had a place to go to vent. All of the ladies there were amazingly supportive, sharing their stories of craptastic reviews. It showed me that even writers that I looked up to had their fair share of bad days.
Do you have anything special while writing a chapter, like listen to special music, need total silence, eat…
I usually write with the television playing in the background. It's usually not something I'm too interested in, just noise. There are times when I like having total silence, but I never mind a little chatter in the background.
Do you have posting schedule? If so, what is it?
Oh, posting schedules. I'd like to think I have a schedule, but then something goes wrong and I get all mixed up. I was doing really well with TA posting every Saturday, and then alternating it with CCC but then finals reared their ugly heads and everything went to hell. I'm still not on track. When I started reading the BDB, I lost all desire to write. I'm in the middle of working on a chapter of TA and am completely blocked up! I'll get on schedule eventually, I hope.
What is your background in writing?
I have no professional training. I'm a math education major, so I have some training on formal writing through my education courses. I write because I love it.
Which RL author inspires you??
I'm not the biggest reader, so I wouldn't say that any author inspires my writing. I do love the natural flow that Jeaniene Frost's (the author of the Night Huntress series) books. She has a great talent for words.
Did any FF authors inspire you towards writing your own fics?
I think that Missus T is an amazing storyteller with a knack for making me hysterically cry and laugh in the same chapter. Seastarr08 is my fanfiction soulmate. We've collaborated on two chapters so far; our writing styles gel so well together. Plus, she's an amazing writer!
When it comes to aspiring me to write, I think that when I was contemplating writing Dame, I saw that other authors on the site were just normal girls like me who wanted to get their feet wet in the writing world. It was intimidating to post for the first time, but I got the feeling that I wasn't the only person who felt that. There is a tremendous comradery between the authors in our fandom, which is highlighted by our interactions on twitter.
Which ff writers do you religiously read?
Anytime I see the name Ericizmine in my inbox, I stop what I'm doing and open the page. I have always been the type of person to read an update as soon as it hits my box, no matter the author, but recently the BDB boys have been distracting. Luckily, I'm about to start the most recently published book, so I'll have time to devote to my fanfiction addiction and writing habits once again.
Who do you visualize (Eric, Sookie, Pam, Bill, Amelia, Jason) when you are writing?
I don't visualize a face/body/actor so much as hear a voice. I let dialogue roll around in my head so I can find the right words and pick up the right flow. The one voice that is always loud and clear in my head is Kristin Bauer van Straten aka Pam. I love her accent so much!! I usually hear Alexander Skarsgard as Eric, but a generic Southern accent for Sookie.
Okay, I'm wondering, do you sometimes write on paper or do you always use your keyboard?
The only thing I have ever written on paper was one of my Dead Pan entries. I got to one of my classes ridiculously early and had about 20 minutes to kill. I ended up writing a rough draft of it in that time, and my hand was killing me for the rest of class! I do 99% of my writing on the computer.
If you had a date with Eric from any of the fictions (Vamp and Human both) in svm ffnet, which ones would it be and why?
I swoon hardcore for Missus T's Marine Corps Eric in Leap of Faith. I have a weakness for a man in uniform. The math major in me loves math nerd Eric from Subtract the Heart by s.meadows. And of course, I'd fly the friendly skies with Pilot Eric.
If you met Askars what would you do?
Cry or shit my pants. ROFL!! No, I'd probably be dumbfounded, at a total loss for words. I'm pretty good with the one liners and the jokes in my fanfiction, but not so good with words on the spot. In all likelihood, I'd smile and beg for a picture. Then freak out once he was out of earshot.
ROFL Okay next question.
What is one thing that you wish that Sookie would do in the coming season of TB?
I want her to grow a brain and a backbone. And have lots of sex with Eric, if only to encourage Askars to be naked.
FUX. So do I.
Which character are you most looking forward to seeing on screen in TB? And why?
Oh, I have a soft spot for Alcide. It doesn't hurt that the actor playing him, Joe Manganiello, is a total hottie. I love the dynamic between Alcide and Sookie and wish that Charlaine Harris had explored it a little more.
You already made a writer Eric and Danger is kind of based on Eric as well so I guess detective Eric as well, there is Pilot E and Actor E.
NOW If you were to give Eric another profession what would it be?
I'll give a little teaser of what's to come with my next story after Dixie wraps up. Eric is thrown into the glamorous world of dog handling!! I like the idea of Eric being an every man, not some idolized figure like an actor or famous author.
How do channel the HOT STEAMY sex scene you write?
I write what I know. Not to overshare, something I'm notorious for doing, but I base the sex scenes off of my own adventures with my boyfriend. When we first started dating, we were at separate colleges 200 miles apart, so we got used to typing out what we were feeling. Writing sex feels very natural to me. I'll also disclose here something that very few people know; a lot of the one liners that come out of Pilot E's mouth are from the twisted brain of my boyfriend.
What do u prefer as the perfect place for Eric and Sookie to consummate?
I love kitchen sex. But I'm a purest at heart, and love a good old fashioned love scene in their bed.
Do you have any SVM rec’s for the readers that you think they should check out?
Hardest thing to do is to recommend a few stories. I remember when I was confessing on Sapfirerose's site I had a list of over twenty stories that I absolutely love and had to narrow down! I'm going to try and offer a few that are my favorites, but that list is incredibly long. Let's just say go to my profile for the list of 100+ stories I consider my favorite.
An oldie but goodie is the Let Love In saga by Terri Botta. There are a long list of side stories that connect. She's created a beautiful world within the SVM universe. Her characters feel almost real, they are deep and emotional. In the current piece, Hope Is A Thing With Feathers, Sookie and Eric have just become the proud parents to twins. The stories really are some of the best written fanfiction, ever. There's a reason everyone says her work is what got them hooked on fanfiction.
Healing Blood by BellaWriter7 is my favorite angst fest. Normally, I'm not the biggest angst reader. I can handle a little angst in a story, but mostly like it light. This epic fic examines the psychological after effects of the fairies attack on Sookie at the end of Dead and Gone. She's deeply scarred and a total mess. Eric tries to help in every way. It's very romantic and emotionally moving. Plus, the smut is amazing.
One more or I'll recommend every story I've ever read!!
The FStop by pixiegiggles started off as this lighthearted story that had be laughing out loud constantly. Towards the end, out of no where, this huge storm of angst appeared and blew me away! It was completely unexpected, yet fit in perfectly with the rest of the story. Pix has such an amazing way with words. It totally floored me when she told me that she's not a native English speaker! She has an immense talent for capturing dialogue and internal stream of thought in a way that doesn't seem forced. It just completed, and a sequel is in the works. I'm excited for more!
Anything else you would like to add?
I want to say that I have never found a group of people as supportive or amazing as the SVM ladies, be they readers or writers. There is always someone there with a kind word, a dirty joke, or a digital hug when I need it. There's always someone willing to chat out a writer's block or make fun of mean reviewers. When I was a newbie and completely terrified, they left the kindest reviews encouraging me to continue. I try to do that now with new writers; let them know that we're not a bunch of meanies. We get that writing fanfiction is a hobby, no one expects the next great novel to be posted. These stories are meant to be fun and an escape from reality for a little bit.
I also need to add a tremendous shout out to my beta, chiisai-kitty. She has been with me since the second chapter of Dame, beta-ing everything I've ever written. When I'm feeling down, she has an encouraging word. When I hate my chapter, she tells me why it sucks and how to fix it. She puts up with my constant confusion of common verbs without too much razzing. Okay, there's a lot of razzing, but it's all out of love. My stories would be crap without her! She's the best!

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