Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Bit About Mio

Hellos. I am Pre.
I love reading fan fiction and sometimes attempt to even write them but I really do suck at writing. Really I am not kidding. I can’t write a single line without my betas underlining it 3 times. Lols.
Well I am a law student so I try to lead my life according to the rules *not really*

Now when I say I read allot of fanfics, seriously I read allot and lot and lot of fanfics. Southern Vampire Mysteries is and always will be my first love then Twilight then so many fandom’s *sigh* I lurk around Narnia and Harry Potter site as well. :p
So when it comes to reading fanfics on SVM I am not that picky cause we have mostly canon pairing. But I do read other pairings like Amelia/Pam or Alcide/Amelia any other pairings I am not opposed to that either. We have a small fandom when it comes to the other pairings though. We need more fics on other characters. And there is a vast amount of them. 
But when it comes to any other fandom I will ONLY read non canon pairing. Example, Edward and Bella together creeps me out, no matter what. I will read everything with Edward, I will. Edward/Jasper. Edward/Carlisle Edward/Rosalie Bella/Emmett Bella/Jacob you name it. But never can read through an entire twi story with Edward/Bella. Don’t hate me, it’s just my own opinion.
I am same with Harry Potter. Completely love love love HP/DM, HP/HG, HG/DM and other non canon pairing.
Oh yeah I am a total slash hoooor.
So if you want to give me a shout draw me a line send up a smoke stream or something.

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