Monday, April 5, 2010

Missus_T On The Spotlight

Missus T a FanFiction Author since December 2008. She has written 6 stories for Southern Vampire Mysteries, and 2 for Twilight.
We decided to make her our very first victim. (urrr guest I meant
features author)

The three ladies sit down together in the interrogation room to question
As she agreed to become the guest of our first interview ever we decided to go
easy on her.
And we are -
LaniLani, svmaddict and smittenskitten
Kitten: Missus so glad you made it to our interrogation room and agreed to be our first
Stimulus throat clearing by Lani and svmaddict
Svmaddict: Err actually, what
Kitten means
is that thanks for being our first guest, not victim.
Lani: Sorry Missus, I’m afraid
Kitten’s brain is not working properly.
Lani continues as she gives Kitten a pointed look

Lani: It would take her a while to recover from the excitement.
Lani is awfully excited as she smiles nervously at Missus
Kitten: yes it would take me while.
I am still high on coffee. Please continue.

Everyone turns their head to Missus.

Smittenskitten, svmaddict, Lani: HIII

Missus: Hi.
Kitten: well we are about to start do you have any questions before we do?

Missus: Ummm. I'm just answering questions right? :)
Svmaddict: absolutely just answer the questions you’ll be fine.

Lani: so you ready
Missus: Yep. I'm ready.

Everyone settles down to their sits and gets comfortable. Missus is having her diet coke while three of them share svmaddict' pistachio milk shakes

: How did you discover fanfiction?
Missus: I was hanging out on the TB forum on The Blue Whale Pub site and found that there were other people that loved SVM as much as I did...It was between season
1 and 2 and someone there directed me to FF to tide me over. (FYI - I
have a different name on TBWP. Over there I'm spartangrrl, it wasn't available
on FFn, I'm kind a glad now, I like being Missus. LOL)

: Did you write fictions before starting in ffnet?
Missus: I've always journaled and written things for myself, but no, I hadn't posted anything before FFnet.

Lani: Missus, your first story Dead on New Years is still your most reviewed.
Tell us, what prompted you to start that story?
Missus: Ha ha. Umm...on a TBWP forum another poster put out a challenge to write our own lemons because we had been reading some really funny ones. So it started as
me trying to write a one-shot sexy story of E/S (you will notice it didn't end
up as a o/s!)

Lani: Was this your first story ever, not just in FF? If not, what and where else have you posted?
Missus: Yeah. I was my first posted online anywhere. I'll probably be posting on a different site soon too, just duplicating everything I have, but I'm not sure
where. I'll keep you posted.

Lani: Did you find it hard to keep the story going, seeing as you started with multi-chapter story?
Missus: Haha. No, just the opposite. I couldn't make it fit in one chapter!

Lani: Was the story an instant success or did the story followers grew up with time? How did you handle it?
Missus: It was kind of a slow build. There were about 20 reviews for most chapters when I started. It was great, not too overwhelming, but confirmation that people
liked it and wanted to keep reading. Halo is a trip though. I've only posted 3
chapters so far and it has over 150 reviews. I am just blown away by that. It's
so cool and crazy at the same time. It makes me want to keep cranking out
chapters, but I also feel like I don't want to let anyone down. So it's a
little nerve wracking.

: Was it very hard to wrap up this story, or did you had everything planed from the beginning?
Missus: It was hard to wrap up. I
didn't have a clear end point until I introduced David about midway through.
Then I knew once his situation was resolved I could be finished. In the end, I
could have kept writing the story, but it was time to move on.

Lani: Did the fan pressure ever change the direction of your story?"
Missus: Oh, no that's never happened. It's more like pressure to reveal details of every single thing or second of the story when I don't feel like it's necessary. I
feel like I give a lot of detail already. LOL

Don't get me wrong, I love it when reviewers ask questions and make me think. I'd like to say I've made some friends from responding to review comments and questions.

Lani: have you ever encountered a mean reviewer? If so how did you handle it?
Missus: I haven't really had a MEAN review. I've had a few that have questioned why I did/didn't do things and I usually just reply and tell them my reasons but
thank them for their input. I have had reviews where I had no idea what the
person meant or if it was good or bad, those I just have to shrug my shoulders
at and ignore, because really, how do you respond to a one word review like,
"Damn." If you know how to respond to that, let me know. (grins)

while Lani gives Missus the third degree of interrogation, svmaddict and smittenkitten sips their lassi. (A very delicious Indian drink in other word milkshake)

Lani looks back to the women sitting beside her asking them silently to start their questions already and in Q svmaddict steps up to ask her some more serious questions.

Svmaddict: We know the idea for Halo effect came from an article and an Askars photo. Where did you draw your inspiration from for LOF?
Missus: I was reading a series of cheesey romance novels about a Black-ops military group that I didn't think seemed realistic. I thought someone could write an awesome fanfic if they combined this theme of lost
love/found with a combination GK/SVM Eric and there I was.

Svmaddict: How do you research for your fics? LOF has a lot of details about soldier, their training and their missions. Too much GK or personal experience?
Missus: Well, a lot of details in LOF are from GK and I have a cousin that is retired military who did security for some high ranking folks. He has the best stories. There are countries he
can't go back to, or as he says, they wouldn't let him leave. LOL Otherwise I do research on the internet and I'm not opposed to asking reviewers or online friends questions if I need help.

Svmaddict: What do you think when you're writing? Your readers, your characters or do you just let the story take you wherever it wants?
Missus: I try to think about the characters and what they would do or say to get to the next point in the story I'm working towards. Sometimes the characters just flow on the page and other
times I have to beg them to speak to me.

Svmaddict: Do you have an outline for your ongoing stories?
Missus: I have an outline for LOF on paper up until Eric leaves. Then I know what I want to do, but I haven't figured out how it will look. Basically, I'm not sure
how to write their correspondence when he's gone. I have a plan for Halo, but
it's in my head, not on paper. LOL

Svmaddict: Do you ever get influenced or get ideas from reviews and comments from your readers?
Missus: Sometimes. Reviewers can point out things that I never thought about, which is great and then I can add that in or address it, but other times, there are comments totally make me second guess myself. I tried to fix something because of that once and I ended up feeling sick over it. I've
learned to take a deep breath and know that you can't make everyone happy.

Svmaddict: We've seen the banners of your stories

Are those the faces you have in mind when writing?

Missus: Yeah. I definitely see ASkars as Eric. The Sookie I imagine is probably more like Scarlett Johansen or Amanda Seyfried. Amelia to me is like Mandy Moore. So
yeah, those are the faces I see.

Svmaddict: Are there other stories/authors on Fanfic that inspire you?
Missus: Oh yeah. I feel kinda fangirlish hanging out online with some of them. LOL

I have to say that S. Meadows is the ultimate ambassador to SVM fanfic. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have met so many of the great authors and fans that I've gotten to know over the past few
months. I had been lurking around on the FFnet site for over year and
she invited me in to conversations and forums and was just
amazing. She has some great stories and betas for me now even though she
has a busy life. I cherish her friendship. I wanna be just like her. (smile)

Um, I'd have to also mention EricDreamer as an inspiration. She was one of the original FF writers that I met on TBWP, she's writing Their Book of Dreams on FFnet.
*scratches head* I haven't chatted with her in ages. I remember reading her
stuff when I was getting started with DONY and I was like - I wanna be able to
do that.
In general though, I think any author that puts themselves out there for others to read is an inspiration. It takes guts to hit the button to post every single chapter.

Svmaddict: Which fanfics do you think someone who enjoys reading your stories would enjoy reading as well? Mind giving some recommendation?

Missus: Oh man, really? This is gonna be hard. There are too many good stories and authors out there! LOL I think if you're enjoying my stories you would like
Seastarr08's stuff, any of her fics. I started reading Beginning is Easy when
it was 3/4 done and read everything she had posted in one day. I couldn't
stop. Lubadub's Danger stories are great too and you should check out The
by sarita.alex.

I'd also have to recommend Saints and Sinners by Ericizmine and I really like Saved by the Youbettago needs to update it soon! OH! And you should read The F-Stop by Pixiegiggles. Loving

Um, I could probably continue to list the great fics you should read for a while, so I'll stop now.

While Missus gives her answer to svmaddict Lani and smittenskitten rest in the sofa. Now they are
trying Lani's Moriso├▒ando. yum
Svmaddict eyes smittenskitten and that’s her way of telling kitten get your ass on the move.
Smittenskitten was grinning ear to ear as she sits in front of missus.

Kitten: I might take long with this. Hope you have some time for this.
Missus: We're good. I have time.

Kitten: we are doing a rapid fire round. Let’s see how many Q’s I can come up with. Are you ready?
Missus: Okay. Go.

Kitten: Which actor is playing Eric Northman in your stories?
Missus: Oh, ASkars. No question.

Forgets the ongoing interview all four of these ladies starts drooling over ASkars pic.
Finding their composer it begins again.

Kitten: who is playing Sookie in your head other than you?
Missus: Like I said before, probably Scarlett Johansen or Amanda Seyfreid. I haven't found my perfect Sookie yet.

: Do you have a soundtrack to all your stories?
Missus: I only have playlists for LOF and Halo. I got the idea from other authors. I
really like music, so I love having these playlists.

: Do you listen to any special kind of music when you write your stories?
Missus: If there's a particular song mentioned in a chapter I might listen to it a few times to see if there's anything I need to parallel in the story or if it's just going to be mentioned as a background. Really though, I'm usually halfway watching TV, online with other authors and readers, telling my 3 year old to please do something else, and rolling my eyes at my husband all at the same time while I try write. (This may be why it takes me so long to write a chapter. LOL)

Kitten: do you remember which fanfic for svm you red first?
Missus: For sure. Let Love In by Terri Botta

Kitten: was there any particular story that got you into writing fictions?
Missus: No, I think it was encouragement of other authors and FF readers that pushed me over the edge.

Kitten: if you had a date with Eric from any of the fictions in svm ffnet, who would it be?
Missus: But I don't want to break up E & S! LOL Ummm. Either the Eric from The Executive or The
...that's as far as I can narrow it down. LOL

Kitten: heheeeh the professor would have made my number 1 list... *giggles*
Missus: I did consider him.... :) I had to narrow it down. He was #3

: what would you do in the dates you had????
Missus: Dinner and coffee/drinks somewhere that we could talk. Then maybe go for a walk and keep talking. Followed by hot monkey sex of course. LOL

Kitten: what no heads under the table? ROTFL
Missus: I would reserve restaurant or road head for the 2nd date! LMAO

Kitten: If you met Askars in person what would you do?
Missus: Once I was able to form words. I would want to ask him something intelligent. Maybe ask what book he is reading?

In reality I'd say something dumb, and then try to cover with a question, like what was your fav/most challenging role?

Kitten: my mind is a gutter land it would have done something stupid. *snort* I think it’s time to wrap it up. The final q and a request…
Kitten batters her lashes lean forward to Missus_T. she whispers in m’s ear

Kitten: so what’s next on Halo Effect?????
Missus: *whispers back* They work on getting Sookie's memory back. *Evil laugh!*

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