Monday, April 5, 2010

Over the Hills with greenlemons

Greenlemons is the lovely author of some great SVM-centred FF, namely the AU "I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness", the AH "Over the Hills and Far Away", the soon to be sequel for OTHAFA, "Baby, Let's Play House", and the new AH fic "On Edge'. She has kindly agreed to sit down with the girls from SVM-Universe to talk about herself, her love of SVM, and of course Eric!!!
Greenlemons a Canadian born, she has been in the ffnet since 2008. In the age of 19 she has written a total of 14 stories both for Twilight and Southern Vampire Mysteries.

The second official interview is about to start while I am in my slumber technically.
Lani has been determined to come up with a chat-blog-roll thingy, which she did. And today thanks to her the interview is actually…. well kind of taking place face to face.
Let us begin.
Three of our very own gathered together to get the show on the road.
The lovely and very talented LaniLani, our Greek goddess svmaddict and straight from Down Under a very special lady of mine DazedRose came up with some stuff so they can start the interview with Greenlemons.

Like her name, Greenlemons delivers a bunch of very hot smutty fluffy steamy goodness to her readers. We have her as our second victim. I am very excited here.

Greenlemons is the first one to come in the roll (I am picturing a taco roll here. Why is it named a chatroll again?)
greenlemons: hellooo
We need to work on our hospitality skills. The guests is here before the hostess
dazedrose: Heya
greenlemons: is lanilani here too?
dazedrose: in a min she will be
lanilani26: hellos!
dazedrose: Hey darling
greenlemons: hiii
lanilani26: Hey greenlemons, how are you doing today?
greenlemons: It's an alright kind of day.
dazedrose: green We will just do some basic question first, then do some more specific hardcore ones, if that is cool??
greenlemons: sure
dazedrose: Cool!!!!
lanilani26: this is fun!
dazedrose: hey Lani.. is there a way to keep the chat log of these??
lanilani26: yea
lanilani26: it saves, dont worry
dazedrose: nice...  you can have fun later on adding the other stuff :0
Well that’s what I am doing, having fun!
lanilani26: yup
dazedrose: Green is there any question you want to ask before we start?
greenlemons: Um nope. I'm fine.
dazedrose: Ok we have Sofi (svmaddict) coming into the room in a sec. :0 She is going to join in 

greenlemons: O O oh now I have a picture
greenlemons: much better
dazedrose: yeah it looks good!!!!
lanilani26: loads better.
dazedrose: Sofi you here
lanilani26: she's coming
dazedrose: cool
lanilani26: I think it's her we see as viewer
lanilani26: =p
svmaddict: I just got in
svmaddict: I can't see what I'm writing though
svmaddict: damnit *%$#!*%
svmaddict: what's wrong?
dazedrose: mm not sure darling
svmaddict: Ok, I see me now
svmaddict: I need a picture too.
dazedrose: lol
Come on dudes can we get the show on the road already!!!
svmaddict: Shall we start the interview? And I'll figure that out later.
Thank god
dazedrose: yeah..  I think we should just do some basic questions to start with
greenlemons: I think ….  I'm ready.
Before they can ask her any q’s I telepathically channel greenlemons my questions.
smittenskitten: Are you originally from Canada?
Green: Yes. For so were my parents. My grandparents on the other hand - on my dad side are about 1000000% British, and so my dad was raised that way and is very much like an old Brit. On my mom's side it's American. I have a grandfather and step-grandma in Oregon. But most of my aunts and uncles and cousins were born in Toronto along with me. I have a few born in London and the States. Meh, I'm sure nobody cares now that I'm done saying this. Haha.
smittenskitten: How did you stumble on SVM the books?
greenlemons: It all starts with a vampire obsession. As much as I am against Twilight now, I'm thankful for it turning me onto Buffy (the Greatest Show of All-Time) and eventually the SVM series. I remember hearing about that HBO vampire show and how it was SO good after only the first episode. I watched it and thought it was dirty and sweaty and gross, also the violence and sex freaked me out and I watched A LOT of Sex and the City. So I moved on my way, disliking the show. I was at the bookstore, last February or March of 09 and saw the first book under the vampire section. I picked up and remembered watching the first episode and I remembered how everyone said that the show was amazing after the first episode. So I read the book and was like, meh. I didn't like it all that much, but it I was interested to watch the rest of the season. I was recovering from surgery so I watched it all in like a day and was hooked. A couple months later, waiting for season 2, I saw the second book for cheap, bought it and thought it was better than the first. I was interested in Eric. The third book is by far my favorite - and from that one on, I was hooked.
dazedrose: This is an easy question for you: How did you discover Fan fiction?
greenlemons: I was about 12 or 13 and my friend gave me a link to a Harry Potter story. I thought it was legit J.K. Rowling. It went from there. I explored the website for more.
svmaddict: Harry Potter fandom huh? Perhaps I should take a stroll there... I'm big Harry Potter fan
greenlemons: Oh I've sucked the Harry Potter fandom dry.
dazedrose: cool
smittenskitten: oooo Harry Potter!!! So which couple do you prefer? The usual ones or canon slash femmeslash?
Greenlemons: I read Ginny and Draco. I have no idea why. I liked the bad boy I guess, although he turned into a sort of snivelly mess in the last one, didn't he? I also read some Hermione/Draco, but I liked her with Ron, although I never read that. My favorite pairing the one I read about 1000 fics on and even wrote on was James/Lily - I read and wrote SO many from the Marauder era. It's bloody fantastic. My favorite fanfic of all time is one of them.
smittenskitten: Do you remember which fanfic for SVM you read first?
greenlemons: Oh. I really can't. I'm going to say Let Love In, it was one of the first.
smittenskitten: Was there any particular story in SVM fanfic that got you into writing SVM fandom?
greenlemons: No. I tried to avoid writing SVM. I thought I was done with fanfiction. Apparently not. Why so? I'm not sure. I'd done it for so long that I thought, I think I'm over it, no more. Than the year 2010 rolled around and I was looking at my profile and I'm like, "I'd like a story for the year 2010." And it was just supposed to be a one-shot and I didn't think I could write Sookie or Eric and so I did I LOVE YOU without the intention of ever settling back into fanfiction. And I did.
greenlemons: SVM was the only fandom that I was interested and thought I could write. Twilight, I was so over it.
svmaddict: Which are your favorite books? And don't answer SVM -it doesn't count.
greenlemons: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, hands down. Also, Catcher in the Rye, The Outsiders, Lolita, Harry Potter...I have a pretty big list. That's only some.
svmaddict: My question was not as random as it looked. I wanted to see if your writing style was affected by them. But I don't really see a connection. Was your writing style affected by any fanfic writers then? Often our writing is affected by books or authors that we love. The way the words flow mostly, not plot-wise.
greenlemons: Hmm. I never understood how anyone could tell a writing style. I'm the most unobservant reader ever. I would love to be able to write like Michael Chabon. To me he is the most inspiring writer ever. And Nabokov.
lanilani26: I think one of the things that distinguish you from other authors, is how quickly you update, and your stories usually reach the 5000 words count, how do you manage to update so fast? It's like a super power!
svmaddict: haha *coughs* sorry. Go on
greenlemons: LOL. Well, I was always a rather slow updater before. I did a lot of personal writing the past summer and I made a daily word count goal for myself. Than back in November I participated in NaNoWriMo which forced to me write 1600 words a day. Then when I started SVM in January, it just all came out. I love to write.
svmaddict: um, sorry -What is NaNoWriMo?
greenlemons: ‘National Novel Writing Month’. You challenge yourself to write 50 000 words in one month.
svmaddict: *spits coke all over herself* 50,000!! Holly shit!
lanilani26: that's a lot!
dazedrose: hell yeah o.O
50 fucking thousand in ONE month!!!!
greenlemons: I wrote more for I Love You in the span of one month.
dazedrose: you were a machine with that story
lanilani26: On twitter, I see you work on many school papers. Do you have to struggle a lot to keep up with hw and also update?
greenlemons: Ah, homework. I do avoid it. I have two essays due on Friday and I have to buckle down and work on them soon. It's a struggle I suppose. I'm not sure my marks are very good, but I get it done on time, always.
svmaddict: I wonder if funny, fluffy stories are easier for you to write than angst. Over the Hills and Far Away is one of the most entertaining, spirit-boosting fics in our fandom. I'm afraid I haven't read I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. Was it angst-y?
greenlemons: I'd never gotten a response from one of my fanfictions like I Love You. I always wanted reviews. My first story got 36 after 12 chapters. The last Harry Potter fic I did got only 96. I got more reviews in the Twilight fanfic world, but SVM, I don't know, you readers are just the ULTIMATE.
greenlemons: I Love You is very angsty. I started it angsty because the first chapter of Dead in the Family was angsty. Then it continued. It set the tone that first chapter, for the rest of the fic.
svmaddict: Which brings this question: Do you like writing canon or AU (AH included but not limited to) more?
greenlemons: Over the Hills and Far Away was my first AU. I normally avoided writing and reading it because to me, it was something anyone could publish anyway. Just change the names, you know? But, I decided to just go for it with the idea. It turned out much differently then I intended.
svmaddict: But AU gives you more freedom. Canon is restricting -like you said, your I Love You got its tone from the first chapter of DITF. Don't you find that restriction... a burden? Or is it more of a challenge for you?
greenlemons: Uh, yeah, the restriction is definitely a burden. I'm learning that with the help of Euro!Eric, who is far from Vampire!Eric, isn't he? I don't know which I prefer. I miss Eric being a vampire, there are certain things I feel I have to keep with him, but then again, I first fell in love with Eric as a vampire so it's also nice to return to that.
dazedrose: Have you ever been shocked by the reactions to your stories? Are there any memorable reviews for any of your SVM fics?
greenlemons: Shocked? Yeah. I Love You reviews scared the crap out of me. I had never received negative ones before and I was suddenly getting a mass influx of screams at Eric and Sookie. I became terrified to read the reviews at some point. But it was awesome, too. LOL. There was one reviewer that I would dread reading her reviews and even had to stop for a bit. I had to put my big girl panties on though and read through. Memorable reviews? When Terri Botta reviewed I Love You and they were not favorable.
greenlemons: I'm not sure Terri Botta ever finished the book. She got really frustrated and I could tell she couldn't handle it any more with each chapter she reviewed. It's fine. I was such a fangirl with her reviewing that she could have sent me a death threat and I would have still been smiling.
lanilani26: hehe, i remember, you were all like OMG Terri Botta reviewed *jumps up and down*
greenlemons: I did. I always wanted authors who I admired to read my fanfics. And she freaking wrote LET LOVE IN! I like died when I saw that she read it.
dazedrose: I would be over the moon to having such a 'celebrity' reading my stuff. Which other ff writers do you religiously read?
greenlemons: Yikes. I wish I had more time to read all the ladies' on Twitter. When I finish school in April I'll be sending reviews everyone's way. I like seastarr's stuff. And Terri Botta. BonTempsBaby. But I have to say my favorite ff writer was one for Harry Potter. She was the funniest writer I've ever read and she never finished one of her fics. I am still devastated by this, and I re-read her stuff whenever I'm sad.
dazedrose: How do you approach a new plot?Do you plan everything out to begin with, or do you just go with what the characters tell u?
greenlemons: I never planned anything I wrote before I Love You. I started to realize, about five chapters in, that people expected it to connect, to make sense. So, I begrudgingly started plotting and it pretty much stuck to what I planned. With Over the Hills, it's gone all over the place, mostly because Euro!Eric has a voice I never experienced with writing a character before.
dazedrose: What is the one character that you would love to write/or will continue to write?
greenlemons: For any fandom? I'm sort of over the Harry Potter and Twilight fandom. I mean Harry Potter is great and if I had to choose from there, I would write the Marauders again and again. As for SVM, I like writing Eric and Sookie. I can't see me branching off to a Sam-centric fic ever.
dazedrose: Lol.. poor Sam, he doesn't get thrown a bone very often does he
greenlemons: His days would consist of: cleaned my trailer, unloaded beer, stared at Sookie longingly, complained to Sookie, turned into a thanks
dazedrose: yes, I did just make a dog jib.. o.O
svmaddict: HAHA. I just had a visual. Sam writing his diary. Maybe writing Sookie's name over and over and then drawing flowers with the "o"s
greenlemons: Dear Diary, Had to get a new cook today. Sookie's back with Eric, AGAIN. I tried turning into a bird but it failed, I can't fly. I can make fun of Sam FOR FOREVER. I have no idea why. He never did anything. Maybe that's why.
svmaddict: OMG! Write lubadub a Dear Pam letter from Sam! That would be great!
greenlemons: Ooooh! I will! That's awesome! Gah, just remind me! I'll forget, otherwise.
dazedrose: LOL. Oh I would love to see what Pam would say about the love sick puppy.
svmaddict: She would definitely say something about flees, that's for sure.
lanilani26: For 'I Love You' you were inspired by songs. Why is it that now for 'Over the Hills' you've taken a different route, with quotes?
greenlemons: Ummmmm...I could have easily done the song-route for Over the Hills, but I like to pick and choose quotes and song lyrics. To me, it's very funny. All of my stories are named after songs too. There's no real reason. I suppose I could be pretentious and say that while traveling a good book "On the Road" is best to describe travel-emotions. I don't know. I like quoting books I like. / I have no real wise answer. I read and listen to music a lot. They inspire me. I read somewhere, by I can't remember who, that writers are the biggest plagiarists ever. / People are always stealing ideas from somewhere.
svmaddict: What do you have planned for the future? Over the Hills is -sadly- coming to an end. What next?
greenlemons: Well...I have the sequel called Baby, Let's Play House. It'll be Sookie and Eric married in Stockholm, figuring out the baby-daddy drama, Sookie finding a job, befriending Felicia, which does not make Eric happy at all. A lot of conflict.
greenlemons: I have another idea... It's called "The Desperate Kingdom of Love" and I intended on making it a Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle when I did Twilight. But now, I'm integrating it into the SVM fandom.
svmaddict: Figured out who with consist the "angles" of the triangle?
greenlemons: Not sure who the third party will be. I think people want Alcide but I'm not sure I can do that. The basic premise is, Sookie is forced to marry Eric, a king and is not too happy with her new life as Queen when she befriends and becomes lovers with the "Stable boy" and begins an affair with him, all the while her and Eric are developing feelings for each other.
greenlemons: When I finish school April 20th, I'm starting The Desperate Kingdom of Love. I'm so excited for it.
dazedrose: Who do you visualize when you are writing?
greenlemons: actors wise? Alexander Skarsgard. FREAKING GOD OF A MAN.
dazedrose: I know i sure as hell do!!!!!!!!!
greenlemons: Especially with Euro!Eric and vampire Eric. Just all around.
Uhmmmmmhaaaumhhh oh fuck it. I love him.
Okay people stop watching the pic go down (pun intended) there’s more

dazedrose: What about Sookie, Pam, Amelia..??
greenlemons: Sookie...don't have one. I certainly don't picture Anna Paquin. But, I don't have a specific actress who I picture. Sookie just is. Pam, I can't help but picture Kristen Bauer now. idea. Sorry, I'm blind as a bat.
 Heheheehee couldn’t help myself
lanilani26: Okay, I'm wondering, do you sometimes write on paper or do you always use your keyboard?
greenlemons: I write on paper when I'm at school and was too weak to bring my laptop that day and it's only been like twice that that's happened. I'm usually on my laptop.
lanilani26: ok, so, in I love You, it was mention vaguely the possibility of a sequel... you already told us you have 2 stories you want to work on, would you be doing this one, or not?
greenlemons: It's becoming more and more unlikely. Honestly,the issue to address Sookie's mortality was pressing. I have ideas on how to, ahem, "fix" that problem, but it freaks me out,because it could turn badly for people. I think it ended rather optimistically and that's good.
svmaddict: In OTHAFA, Which city did you enjoy writing most?
greenlemons: I have long abbreviations. I'm sorry. lol. Hmm, Amsterdam. That was really fun. And Copenhagen. And Stockholm.
svmaddict: hahha
greenlemons: Those were the ones that had google map. view-street.
svmaddict: you seem to have liked them all. You had a visual and the research was fun.
greenlemons: I gave up on the cities that weren't accessible to my eye. It would make me very sad when google was being mean.
svmaddict: plot-wise?
greenlemons: Plot-wise...I liked Barcelona. And I liked Copenhagen. And Berlin. And Amsterdam.
svmaddict: If it matters any, I loved them all but Monaco
greenlemons: OH yeah. Monaco. Well, that's reasonable.
dazedrose: I know you spent a lot of time on google for Over the hill, what type of research if any did you do for I love You?
greenlemons: I did nothing for I Love You. It was all out of my ass. You could probably tell too. lol.
lanilani26: LOL. In ILY, I'm so terribly curious. What the hell happened between Claude and Eric in their first exchange of "words"? (when Sookie broke into Bill's house)And what happened to him after we rescued Hunter?
greenlemons: Oh Claude. Um. Well, Eric pretty much threatened Claude's life and only withheld for Sookie. After Hunter? Claude was most definitely banished from Louisiana. He would be killed instantly if he went near Sookie. Eric dealt with him. People keep asking about Claude. I should have clarified that more. It makes sense in my head, which is sometimes hard to translate to words.
lanilani26: sad, if you ever did a sequel, he'll have to move in with sookie now. XD
greenlemons: OMG I know. I have NO idea what DITF is even about anymore.
dazedrose: lol.. i still don't get that about CH..
greenlemons: I'm so glad I finished the story before anything else.
dazedrose: maybe a O/S about claude?
greenlemons: No way. Claude bores me. lol. I only brought him up in the fic because he was addressed oddly in the first chapter of DITF
dazedrose: how do you think it would have affected IYL if it came out earlier?
greenlemons: I would have given up. I wouldn't've been able to continue.
lanilani26: What about Calleb? Was it always your intention to end with him as a sort of good villain? Or did it change with time? Because we liked him a lot in the beginning? I mean, i trusted the guy =p
greenlemons: Caleb was planned from the beginning to turn out that way. I knew he was hiding a half-fairy. Honestly people didn't respond to the story-line like I intended. If I could do a spin-off with Caleb and Layla I would. What goes on behind closed doors is fascinating...I also wish I could do Nathanial/Alina. Trusting Caleb is not a bad thing.
dazedrose: heh, well i am very glad you didn't.. I really liked IYL, thought at times it really got emotional
greenlemons: Yeah, I cried while writing the break-up scene. It was a very odd experience.
dazedrose: yeah.. I always like the original characters people create. Who is your favorite original character?
greenlemons: Alina. She was SO much fun to write. I'd love to do flashbacks of her and Eric and then some of her and Nathanial. But nobody wants to read about made-up characters.
lanilani26: What was wrong with Franz, I didn't understand that well. He was jealous of Eric, was he hoping Sookie would be somewhat like Alina?
greenlemons: Franz was definitely jealous of Eric. I saw him as being in love with Appius and hated that Appius favored Eric. He went after to Sookie to get back at Eric for being the favorite child.
dazedrose: Do you like to read other people's OC?
greenlemons: I usually don't like original characters. There are exceptions, of course. I was hesitant about writing my own
lanilani26: But you made great ones. On the spot.
greenlemons: Yeah. Some people could have interpreted them unfavorably, though. I decided to go with it because Alina and Caleb wouldn't shut up in my brain.
lanilani26:I remember the last king you introduced, he was supposed to be mean, but he ended up being enthralled by Eric and Sookie's story.
greenlemons: Yeah! The King of Alaska! I forgot. He was weird. He was supposed to try and seduce Sookie into having a threesome with him and Eric. Corner her. While Eric was elsewhere. And then Pam was going to interfere, but then Pam didn't end up going to California.
lanilani26: nor did Alina.
greenlemons: Yeah. I figured people would think I was favoring her and the story wasn't about her. If I had my way I'd be doing flashbacks of her and Eric.
dazedrose: so stories, though you have a plan, will change on the fly?
greenlemons: More-so when I'm writing, they change. Like, it just drifts off and then I glance at my outline and I'm like, "Oh crap."
lanilani26: You can tell how much we loved your original characters by the way we were demanding more of them, specially Alina.
greenlemons: She was cool. I remembered reading that Charlaine said Eric had another child or two out there somewhere. And I was like THAT IS SO AWESOME! I liked writing the creepy story of Eric turning her. Nobody commented on how mean he was with human Alina. They were all like. "I don't like her. I hope you don't introduce a new character." And then I did and people really started to like her.
dazedrose: maybe Eric fans gave him a free pass when it came to it, much like the BB ?
greenlemons: Yeah I think it was mostly because people know it's a huge possibility in the books. That's why it was so sad. Psh. I will support Eric on that BB for the rest of my life. Although, Charlaine wants to get rid of it now -___- I can't imagine him leaving the series, but it might be a possibility.
lanilani26: We have to give you Kudos for breaking the bond, and you know, it was the first time a story got me crying like your ch24 did.
greenlemons: Yeah. People cursed my name. The negative reviews came after chapter 24, and didn't stop until they got to California
smittenskitten: We have a request here from the very lovely Alison @ Northman Maille . She is big fan and asked green here this.
“There have been rumors about CH breaking Eric and Sookie's blood bond in one of the later books, if you were magically in charge what major change would you make and why?”
greenlemons: Honestly, I would have it play out similarly to how I had it done in I Love You. I'd want them to break it but then re-bond on their on terms. Until then, Sookie's going to doubt it. It has to be dealt with. I hate the fact that Charlaine is getting rid of it and if she gets rid of it with no real good reason or solution or any progress in Sookie's character than that would be a huge let down to fans. What would be the point of the bond then? It'd be a meaningless plot that had just aggravated readers in agony. I hope CH shows us that she has a better plan than any of us. But lately, I've been doubtful...
svmaddict: Ok, lets leave your past projects, and finish this interview with something from the future... Who should we expect to be the main villain for Baby, lets play Home? or is it hush-hush?
greenlemons: Eric
lanilani26: = O
greenlemons: hehehe. Guys. They JUST met.
svmaddict: yeah, you left us all with our jaws dropped open.
greenlemons: I'm writing the wedding now, and Eric is getting shady to me. I have it all planned out. It will be angsty.
svmaddict: that if he cheats on her I'LL KEEL HIM!!!
greenlemons: HE WILL NOT CHEAT. OMG
lanilani26: LOL
greenlemons: I WOULD KILL HIM
dazedrose: and that is good to hear
greenlemons: I WOULD DIE
svmaddict: phew! Good to know.
dazedrose: You know that he is an aussie yea? We create them good down here.
greenlemons: You sure do. Phwoar.
smittenskitten: If you had a date with Eric from any of the fictions in svm ffnet, who would it be and why?
greenlemons: Oh snap. UMMMMM. It'd have to be any vampire Eric. Maybe Thyra10's Dead with the Vikings' Eric. Why? I like vampire Eric and hers is the only one I'm reading at the moment that is still true to the character in the book. I like that. I hate emasculated nauseatingly romantic Eric. I can't remember who described some of vampire!Eric fanfics like that but it was a perfect analysis. I mean, I read them. But I cringe. I like some romance. Not "I WILL DIE FOR YOU!" I mean. Sometimes I like that. But, not for Eric. He would never admit that no matter how true
dazedrose: hehe.. svm slut aren't you!!! Love it
smittenskitten: we r all Eric's slut here no one is judging.

dazedrose: What is one thing that you wish that Sookie would do in the coming season of TB?
greenlemons: Have a scene or two with Eric where she doesn't want to barf and kill him with her beady eyes.
dazedrose: Which character are you most looking forward to seeing on screen in TB? and why?
greenlemons: Besides Eric? Jason I loved what they did to his character in season 2. He was hilarious. Ryan Kwanten has under-appreciated comedic timing. I want to see his relationship with Crystal. I feel like they'll romanticize that.

Smittenskitten: Back to the topic of you being a slut
greenlemons: Indeed
dazedrose: haha
smittenskitten: Really if you could have a date with Eric in a HUMAN form whose fanfic Eric would it be, aside from your Euro Eric?
greenlemons: Um, I'm not reading too much of human Eric's. I like Professor Northman and Pilot Eric. And Euro!Eric :)
dazedrose: I'm not sure if Pilot Eric would be a good date. Sex yes but date.. o.O
greenlemons: I know. He would be very sexy...but rude
smittenskitten: Which Professor? There are a couple of professor? Each one is unique.
greenlemons: there are a couple Professors? Oh right. I think I've read two. I like seasstarr's he so sexy when he's protective of Sookie and his baby Max.
dazedrose: If you were to give Eric a profession what would it be?
greenlemons: I like him as a doctor. I wrote a one-shot of that and I recently got more ideas for that fic. And Pilot Eric is fucking haawwwt. And Professor. I would die if he were my Professor.
greenlemons: Seriously. I'd just be a puddle of googly eyes
smittenskitten: me toooooo
Well I sometime do picture Eric as my  Professor……
dazedrose: Did you see those new pictures that came out last week make a good Professor Northman?
greenlemons: He is such a nerd. You have no idea how much I love that ASkars is a dork. It like kills me when he laughs. And his overbite is out. omigawd! And yet, he smolders like no one else
dazedrose: he is pure male perfection.

greenlemons: I saw a funny youtube clip where he's laughing with Nelsan and then he flips his gaze to a fan and it's all *smoulder*
smittenskitten: Well he had my ......a.sdhghgfgfh
Ohhhh…. professor *I need a fucking minute here*
Alright lets continue
smittenskitten: sorry sorry got lost in all Eric goodness
greenlemons: understandable
smittenskitten: How do channel the HOT STEAMY sex scene you write?
greenlemons: I visualize first
dazedrose: lol
smittenskitten: Care to describe?
greenlemons: Um. I describe my visualizations through the lemons hehe
smittenskitten: Gawd my mind is officially a gutter land ;p
greenlemons: Mine too, bb
dazedrose: we are SVM girls.. isn't that where it belongs
smittenskitten: girls lets start a website called Eric's GP Lovers
greenlemons: OMG!!!
dazedrose: hehe, kitty i'll be there with you
smittenskitten: What do u prefer as the perfect place for Eric and sookie to consummate? See my mind is a gutter land.
greenlemons: They've been fucking in a lot of hotel rooms in my stories. I like Eric's underground cave. That's sexy. I just wrote airplane washroom sex. That wasn't as sexy.
smittenskitten: OOOO Mile High Club??
dazedrose: nice. MHC!!!
greenlemons: Inspired by lubadub's Pilot Eric.
smittenskitten: have u joined in the club personally?? *waggles eyebrows*

greenlemons: Nope lol

shame you would have liked it
lanilani26: Thanks green, I think we are going to leave it here.
dazedrose: Thanks bb for being our latest victim :0
greenlemons: lol. No problem!
smittenskitten: Thanks for your time!
greenlemons: It was fun :)
svmaddict: we're going to leave you to go back to writing the last chapter (note: of Over the Hills & Far Away)
greenlemons: I'm writing the ending now.
dazedrose: woot
svmaddict: *waves* Καληνύχτα!
lanilani26: Hasta luego
dazedrose: *hugs, waves* cya
smittenskitten: Good night!
greenlemons: *hugs all*
greenlemons: bye!
svmaddict: (not really, we'll see u on twitter =p 

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