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My 101 with Evenflo78

Today I got evenflo78 as a guest in mah blog!! *fangirlish squeeeee*
I think everyone knows her work. She writes in three different fandoms, and quite popular in all three of them. Southern Vampire Mysteries, Twilight and now True Blood. 
Evenflo78 joined FanFiction around 2009 but she has been reading ff's long before that. It's been almost a year that she started writing in fanfiction and so far she has given us 19 wonderful stories. 
I can talk about why I love this woman all day long *sigh*  
I have a girl crush on her shhhhhh!!
So when I asked her if she would do this 'interview' with me. She got a little nervous but I promised I would only spank if she asked me so I had a fuckhawt session of tieing her down and having my way with her it was nothing at all. And she agreed!! *another squeeee*

Sooo how did you find SVM fandom?
I actually started watching True Blood during season 2, and immediately had to go out and buy the books. I knew if I liked the show then I'd love the books.
And I did.
How did you get introduced to the world of fanfiction?
Oh boy. I really don't remember how I came across the site in the first place. But I'm so glad I did.
I think that the first fanfic that I read was for Bones (the TV show on Fox), and I only read then. I never signed up. But I read all kinds after that. House M.D., Twilight, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean. Then, of course, after I started watching True Blood, I read a few of those. But again, I was just a reader. After finishing all the books is when I finally ran across the SVM section of fanfiction.
Do you remember which fanfic for SVM you read first?
Bones was the first I read, but I really don't remember any specifically. The first SVM I remember reading was Pour Some Sugar On Me by BonTempsBaby.
That's when I really fell in love with the fandom.

Was there any particular story in SVM fanfic that got you into writing SVM fandom?
I don't really think it was one in particular. But after I read Pour Some Sugar On Me, is when I signed up and finally did my part in reviewing. I read several really good stories – all Sookie/Eric, of course – and they all gave me the writing itch that just kept getting worse and worse.

Which are your favorite books? Other than SVM
I LOVE the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward and The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost. I'm also pretty in love with the Twilight Saga, and I'm one of the few that actually liked the last book despite the creepy baby thing. I wanted Jacob to have his HEA too.
I've read just about everything by Stephen King and James Patterson and am pretty addicted to Kathy Reichs as well.

Moving on…..

Tell us a little about
No Return.
What can I say about it? It was my first attempt at writing anything since probably High School, and I'm a little too scared to go back and read it now that I've been doing it for a while. (I don't even want to know how bad it is.) I knew I wanted to try writing, but I didn't know how to start. I'd always wanted to know what was going through Eric's mind during that scene in the books,
and it just sort of went from there.
Bad or good, it gave me the balls to start writing, and I truly love doing it.

Sookie's Secret  written for Eric & his great Pumpkin contest. What made you start this!
I wanted to write something hot and sexy, and I've always love costume parties. It started with the costumes for me. I found those, decided I wanted Sookie to be married and started typing.
There wasn't any rhyme or reason to my method during that story. And I honestly had no clue that it was going to end up being a daydream (or nightdream, as it were) until the very end.
I liked it all the way up until then, but that's when I fell in love with it.

Electric Cowboy is written for Cowboy-Up Contest. Tell us a little bit about that!
This story was one that was really close to my heart. I almost hate that I haven't went back and expanded on it more. I struggled to stay under the word limit with it because there was so much story I wanted to tell, and I had to leave out a lot that I wished I'd been able to put in it.
The diary/letter format was something I'd never seen before, but it allowed me to get in more information in fewer words. And yet, there was still so much more
I wanted to write. It's actually semi-based on my own true life events only slightly altered to fit the characters and theme. Now, I'm going to run and hide.

Resisting the urg to ask….and going like WOAHHHH!!

You also entered the Age Of Eric contest with
The Angel of Death. This story is based on Venice ~ Spring 1576 why there?

I really loved the movie Dangerous Beauty, which was set in Venice, so that was where I imagined them being. The time frame I had to alter to fit the story.
The Plague nearly destroyed the city during that time. There is just something to be said about the beauty of era's previous. When I wrote this one-shot, I didn't add a lot of period detail because it wasn't really about that to me.
I pictured the dirt trail through the woods. I smelled the stench of body odor and death, the rain, the trees. I saw it in my head like I was watching it on film and put it to paper.
Again, with this one, I was watching my word limit. This, however, is one I'll be extending in the future.

Looking forward to it.
Crazy With a Side of Meatballs for the Kiss A Cook contest. Would you like to tell us a little about that!

Well, everyone knows Eric is hot, right? Well, a chef Eric is even hotter to me. Hehe. I wrote that story around the taste testing scene. There is not much else more erotic than being fed.
I'm a sucker for food. What can I say?

Becoming Mommy Promo fic for A New Chapter Contest *personally I have serious love for this story because you attempted on something completely new in this fandom*
Wanna share your thoughts on that?

That story has a special place in my heart too. I love Pam. Really, who doesn't? And I wanted her to have this special gift.
I couldn't picture her with anyone other than Sookie for this story, and even though it was short and to the point, I'm really happy with the way it came out.
We all have our prejudices. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. But I don't feel that one should judge another over who they love. And love comes in all
way, shapes, forms, and packages.

True that.

Northman Towers is your first multi chaptered*I think* tell us a bit about that.
I'm not even sure what to say about that story. I've actually went back and read a few chapters of it and OMG, I made so many mistakes. I'm not saying it's bad, because I don't think it is, but it's not great. And it's riddled with errors. That story was only a general idea that grew and grew and grew. All I knew when I started was that Sookie was moving to a new apartment and starting a new job, and that Eric was going to be her boss and landlord. That's it.
I never had a plan for where it was going or what was going to happen. I just went with it. And when those reviews started coming in, I couldn't seem to stop. I just kept writing and posting, writing and posting.
It was a blast!

Dude it was a good story! Me loooooves it :D 

Hershey's Kisses. How did you get started with this? 
Ummm.... *shifty eyes. I wanted to write a lemon. Hehe. And I knew it was going to be a long time before I wrote one for Northman Towers. Because, let's face it, we all know how much I like to draw out the sex.
I never meant for it to be a full length story. It was my first attempt at a lemon and I was really, REALLY nervous about posting it. But I sucked it up and did it anyway.
The response was mind-boggling. I was literally blown away. So I just HAD to continue it.
Again, there was no plan with this story, it just sort of came about. Though, I'll admit, after about the 5th chapter I knew how most things were going to play out. There were a few bumps in the road along the way for them in that story, but it worked out in the end.
I see you started both stories in like four days apart. How did you manage on keeping them up?

I have NO clue. I really don't. I was posting a chapter a day back then for the most part, with the exception of weekends. But I updated one or the other everyday, Monday through Friday.
I wish I knew what I was doing then so I could repeat it now, but I can't figure it out. The only thing I do know is that my two year old keeps my writing schedule now. I write when she's not trying to run out the front door and through the parking lot, or feed the dogs food from the fridge, or climb on top of the oven so she can get in the cabinets to play with knives.
LMAO! I spend a lot of time chasing her out of stuff she shouldn't be into. A year ago she wasn't nearly as curious.
Maybe one of these days I can get back to writing like that again. I know I feel like the words are going to spill out of my head some days if I don't sit down and write, but I can't always do that.


Right now you are juggling three stories at once,
Couples Therapy , Invoking Kismet and Instincts. How do you do this! I get alert in my box from all three of them at
least once a month!

Krismom has dubbed me the queen of plot juggling. I try and convince her that I'm fail at this, but she doesn't listen. Invoking Kismet is almost finished, and has been planned out for a while now to its end.

Couples Therapy just has a way of coming out of me. It's been planned too, but the plot line in it is a lot easier to keep up with. 

Instincts has a very vague plot of sorts to it. I know some things I want to happen, but not all.
I guess, for me, it's pretty easy to turn off one set of characters and turn the other set on. I just sit down and do it. Sometimes I'll read a little from the previous chapter to get the tone set, but it usually flows from there.
Occasionally, I have a problem getting my head out of one story. But if that happens then I just have to go ahead and write that part out so I can get back to what I should be doing.
For the most part, I just do what I can. If it's not coming to me, I don't force it and I move on to something else that is working for me. I know that it will come to me when it's good and ready.
All in all, I struggle but am determined. My readers and their support make it all worth while. I don't deserve the love I get.

Congrats on winning the second place on Loving Bellsper Contest with your
Like Oil And Water. It is an interesting relationship development between Jasper
and Bella. NAO Who is the Native American? I have been dying to know that.

Bwahaha! Jacob! Duh! I actually had a few people question that, so I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought I was.
I really liked writing that fic. It was an emotional roller-coaster for me, and I think that it turned out that way for those that read it too.
I've wanted to write a Bella/Jasper story for a while now. (I actually have the beginnings of an AU story for those two planned after I finish Invoking Kismet) I'm sort of in love with Jackson. Even if he is a little skinny. 

Jumps in to spam the interview with skinny Jackson!

I tried to capture how hard it would be to be totally in love with your gay best friend and put it to words, and was really excited that it tied for second.

Who isn’t? I want him in Edward’s mouth or 69 position. His kinny boy cock is very appealing.

The First Time is Edward/Bella fic. Also another twi multi chaptered. Tell us a bit about this.

This story broke my heart to write. I actually wrote it all out of order and almost backwards. It was the first story I've written that had an outline and specifically planned chapters.
Chapter 10 was the first one I wrote. Followed by 9, 7, 6, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4. It was all out of whack. Chapter 8 was actually written last and added to the story after it was completed.

Books, Bondage, & Betrayal written for Show Us Your Dark Side Contest. *fansself* tell us about that!!
I didn't want to write a typical story when it came to that one. And the threesome (of sorts) was not really your typical one. I had a lot of fun writing it and it was my first third person. Which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Even if it was a little apparent, the twist in the ending was my favorite part. And what else can I say? I love Edward... when he's with Jasper.
Just because...

Chubster 2 point 0 for FML contest. How did this contest exactly!
They sent us a prompt from the actual FML site and we had to write a story that led up to that prompt.
I'll be really honest. I kind of hated my prompt. It was a tough one to write for and it took me a long while to get something set in my mind that worked for me.
I had a lot of help and people bouncing ideas around with me for this one. Smfogleman, Missus T, Krismom. Everyone was really helpful.
I had fun writing the fic, for sure, because I put poor Edward through hell in that story.

Do you like writing canon or AU more?

Canon is a tricky thing. I tend to lean more towards AU or AH because it's more okay to get out of character there. And a lot of the stuff I write is out of character.
I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit and dabble into more canon and AU stuff in my writing. All human is safe and easier. I think its time for me to get out of my comfort zone.

How do you approach a new plot? Do you plan everything out to begin with, or do you just go with what the characters tell you?
I wish I could say that I planned everything out, but I don't.
I have a general idea of how I want it to go. I know the beginning, how I want it to end, and a few things I want to happen in the middle. But for the most part, I do what my characters tell me to do.
Sometimes they get off track and I have to bring them back to the story. (This has happened a lot in Couple's Therapy) But for the most part, I just do what they tell me to do. Yes, I am really crazy. There are voices in my head that speak to me. *giggles

You iz not crazy!! They really won’t shudup!!

All of your stories are very liked by your readers, did you ever get any harsh comment criticism from your reader?

I haven't really gotten any harsh comments. I've received a few constructive reviews and PM's, but not very many. I think I only got one semi-bad review and it just said that they weren't going to read my story anymore. I've been pretty luck, I guess. If they didn't like it then they kept it to themselves. I'm grateful for that. I don't think I'd handle being bashed very well.
I'm a sensitive little thing. :D

*snuggles* you is. *puggles*
I see ALLOT of mention of Krismom in your stories! How did you find such an awesome beta?

I know, right? She is amazing! And she wrote a story about Esme and her grown kids titled The Velveteen Mother that is just beautiful!
She actually contacted me about beta'ing. She noticed in one of my author's note's that I was looking for a beta and contacted me via PM. Even offered to go back and read chapters I'd posted previously. That's how friggin great she is!
I fear, at times, I over work her, but she never complains. I am truly grateful to have her.

Is sooo jealous right now!!
Do you have anything special while writing a chapter, like listen to special music, need total silence, eat…
Pfft. I have two kids. There is no such thing as total silence in my house. Mostly I just sit and write when I have the time. It's never uninterrupted. (Motherhood doesn't come with the amenity of alone time.)
Occasionally, I'll listen to the radio, but it's never anything specific, just some sort of background noise. Most of the time I'm writing to the sound of barking, and screeching, and “No, Kaitlyn, don't take your clothes off.” and Yo Gabba Gabba, or Playhouse Disney.

Bawhahahahahaha… wipes tears…
Do you have posting schedule? If so, what is it?
Well, I was sticking to my schedule pretty good for a while. But I haven't caught back up after the move yet. Oh hell, I'll just admit it. I'm bad at keeping my schedule.
I was updating Couples Therapy on Wednesday, Invoking Kismet on Monday, and Instincts on Friday, and I hope to get back to that very soon. That is if I can get my head and hands to cooperate and work together again.
What is your background in writing?
I don't have one really. I have just always loved writing. Since about 16, I've kept a journal of some sort that just housed my random scribblings, thoughts, or sometimes what actually happened during my day. But I've never done anything at all on a professional level.
I wish that I could. And maybe one of these days I will. I keep thinking and planning and wanting to write an original fiction with the intent of attempting to get it published, but I haven't actually done it yet.
One of these days I'll get over my insecurities and just go for it!

Which RL author inspires you?
I don't know that there is really one specifically that inspires me. There is good in every book as far as I'm concerned.
Did any FF authors inspire you towards writing your own fics?
I read several good stories before posting. I'm not really sure if there was one in specific that inspired me to post. I think I just held my breath and did it.
But after I posted my first, and got some positive feedback from a few reader, I wanted to do more.
I got involved a little in the forums. Suki59, Smeadows, fardareismai2, zigster... the list goes on and on. They were all great writers and I wanted to work up to that sort of writing. Even if I never made it. I at least wanted to try.
Which ff writers do you religiously read?
Oh gosh, that's a hard one. And a long list.
If I had my way, I'd read everyone's out there. And truthfully, I'm so behind on new fics right now it's not even funny.
Missus T, Scribeninja, Ms Construed, Youbettago, Fardareismai2, chicklette, Zigster, YogaGal, Venis Envy, Greenelemons, Miztrezboo, Conversed, EtheHunter, Smfogleman, seastarr08, a redhead thing, Krismom.... I could go on and on. These are all fantastic writers.

Who do you visualize (Eric, Sookie, Pam, Bill, Amelia, Jason) when you are writing?

I see Sookie as a cross between Scarlett Johannson and Amanda Seyfried, only a little older.
Eric is harder because I see him as Alexander Skarsgard, but from season 1 when his hair was longer and he was a little beefier. If that makes sense.
Pam I see Kristen. That's all there is to it. That's who she was in my head when I read her. I don't think they could have picked a better person for her. Same with Bill. Unfortunately for Stephen Moyer.
Sam was a perfect pick too except with more red in his hair. I'm not sure if that is from the books or from a fic I read, but I see him with reddish hair.
Jason *sigh, oh how I love that boy. Ryan Kwanten is equal parts adorable and hawt!!! I just wish he was a little taller.
Amelia is a wildcard. Sometimes I see her with wild curly hair, other times I see her with it shiny and straight. But when I write her, I tend to picture Milla Jovovich. I kinda have a girl crush on her.

Deffo the books. Always read that Sam had strawberry blond. But Sam works as Sam too.

Okay, I'm wondering, do you sometimes write on paper or do you always use your keyboard?

I'm a keyboard gal. I'm pretty sure the notepad app on my iphone counts as a keybpard too.
I've always got my phone nearby and if a line or something specific strikes me then I'll put it in my notepad so I don't forget. There's almost always some random line or twelve typed in there.
Right now there's one that says... Pam - van -“Ooh, breakfast.” (this is for Instincts)
There never complete. Just short bursts of thoughts or a line in dialogue I want to use.

If you had a date with Eric from any of the fictions (Vamp and Human both) in svm ffnet, which ones would it be and why?
I have no clue. I think I usually find at least one, if not multiple things, to love about ever Eric I've ever read.
Missus T writes a really good Eric in Halo Effect, So does EtheHunter in Growing New Vines. I don't think I even have to bring up House of Flesh on Fire by Fardareismai2 and how hot that Eric was. Or even nerdy Eric from Studybuddies by Scribeninja. It's pretty much impossible for me to make that decision.
If you met Askars what would you do?
Probably blush like crazy and do absolutely nothing. I'd WANT to ask for a picture or something, shake a hand, kiss a scruffy cheek, hell, anything. But... I probably wouldn't.
Truthfully, I just don't rightly know what the heck I'd do. I might just stand there and drool while giggling psychotically. Who knows?

I might accidently rub myself on him!
Any expectations from the season four of True Blood?

Not really. Is that bad? I just want amnesia Eric. I purely watch because I'm invested at this point.

Which character are you most looking forward to seeing on screen 4 in TB? And why?
Meh, I watch for Eric/Sookie scenes mostly anymore. I'm hoping to see what Alexander Skarsgard can do with the role of amnesia Eric. He's a pretty darn good actor.
Also... I love Jessica. Great addition to the storyline, even I can admit that.

If you were to give Eric another profession what would it be?
Eric the vampire or Eric the human?
Eric the vampire I'd love to see as an attorney/exotic dancer. Bwahaha. Okay, I really have no clue. I'm just making something up.
Eric the human... so many ways that he could be hot. I love scribeninja's UPS Eric. YUM!!
Eric the character or Alex the actor?
If I could give Alex another profession, I'd make him work at my local Starbucks so I could see him everyday and drool over the gorgeousness. Hehe. Or maybe he could work in maintenance at my apartments. I could always find something that needs to be fixed.
Alright, now I'm just being silly. * next question *

You write some very VERY very smexy lemons that I have read *makes me horney all the time* Want to tell us how you channel your inner horniness?
Ummm... I just see it in my head and write it out. I'd be lying if I said that writing lemons didn't affect me, so I won't. As far as I'm concerned, it's probably not a good lemon if I'm not a little hot around the collar by the time I'm finished.
Occasionally the husband and I play out a scene, or had played out a scene before and I'll use that as inspiration.
Not everything I write in my lemons comes from real life, but a lot of it does. I'm a pretty lucky lady.

Luckey man!
What do u prefer as the perfect place for Eric and Sookie to consummate?
What is this perfect place you speak of? I've never heard of such a thing!
Sex is perfect everywhere! In the kitchen, on the bed, in the bathroom, laundry room, backseat of a car, or up against the wall.
Maybe not all sex is great all the time, but sometimes its the unexpected places that are the hottest and most perfect for sex. In my opinion.

Here here.
Do you have any SVM rec’s for the readers that you think they should check out?
Any and everything written by the above mentioned authors is pretty much a must read.
Also, SouthernLady23, TrueBloodTwilight, Suaru-chan, ohfortuneslost, tjbaby, sunkisz, schafer, smittenskitten, alfacone10, makesmyheadspin, LubaDub ...
Oh gosh, just send me an e-mail or a PM and I'll rec a book worth of authors and stories that must be read. I feel like I'm leaving too many good and talented writers out.
I have a lot of love for all of the writers in the SVM fandom. Each and every one of them is talented in their own way. There are a lot of great fics in our fandom. We are a really lucky group.


Ten quickie question:
SVM fics or TWI fics? *more you read*
I think it might be pretty close as far as story alerts and stories I read on the regular. I've probably read more TWI fics if you count them all up. But there are six bajillion of the frigging things!
SVM readers or TWI readers?
Definitely SVM! Twi readers are hardcore, and they CAN get downright nasty if you don't do something they agree with or if you don't update on time.
Although I have to say, there are a good bunch of readers in the TWI fandom as well.
Eric or Edward?
Do you really have to ask that question? Eric, hands down, or cheeks up ;)
Edward or Emmett?
Emmett baby!!!
Couples Therapy or Instincts?
Is that a trick question?
Eric or Alex?
Well, I may pay hell for this, but Eric. Alex has the whole “I actually exist” thing going for him, and he's totally YUM. But... I picture Eric differently when I read him, more muscular. What can I say? I like 'em a little beefy.
Bella or Sookie?
I like them both for different reasons, but if I had to choose one. I guess I'd say Sookie. She's a little older, more real. I like her, I love her, I hate her at times.
That is what makes her a great character to read.
Emmett or Jasper?
Yes. Please. ;D
What both!! *snort*
Fav non canon couple from TWI?
Jasper or Emmett with anyone else. Or even together... just sayin'
Fav non canon couple from SVM?
Jason and Pam or Eric. I'm thinking about writing one of those when I'm done with Couples Therapy.
Anal or Oral! *giggles*
Oral! Definitely oral. Well, I occasionally like to read anal, but I sure as heck don't want to experience it. I am all about writing a good BJ scene on occasion.
From scafer, she has asked me to tell you that she thinks you are AMAIZING!
She is friggin amazing!!! One of the best, most supportive readers out there. For reals. I love her hard!

Anything else you would like to add?
I haven't talked about myself enough already? LMAO. No, I don't know of anything else that I could add. Unless you wanna know what color my panties are...


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